Fall 2021 Awards

Men’s Division


QB MVP – Torrance Jestadt – PULLS

Best Offensive Player – Rory Whalen – Longhorns

Pick 6 – Kurt Feiretag – PANDAS

Sack Master – Reza Ghafori – CRIMSON TIDE

Coed Division


QB MVP – Sam Dhaliwal – JAZZ

Best Offensive Male – Chris Lim – BLACK MAMBAS

Best Offensive Female – Tanveer Brar – DFG

Pick 6 – Quentin Milner – COBRA KAI

Sack Master – Caleb Jordan – VIKINGS


League Ambassador Award – Tiffani Martinez

Unsung Hero Award – Kelsie Hartley

Martin Fisher Award for Dedication and Sportsmanship – Hunter Lake

Recognition Award Of Excellence – Martin Fisher

For more than 30 years, Martin Fisher has been dedicated to the sport of football in Canada. As a referee, the days can be long and thankless. Games in the rain, snow and wind without taking home a trophy at the end of it all. This season, we are saying thank you to Martin Fisher. For his dedication, resiliency and his support throughout the years to our league specifically. Without Martin and his guidance, his adaptability and his love of this game, we would not have been able to grow this league the way we have.