Surrey Flag Football League requires all participants to abide by the player dress code while taking part in league games. If you are in need of specific equipment items, there are a list of references at the bottom of this page.


  • Cleats – MUST be rubber. NO METAL STUDS ALLOWED
  • Shorts or pants without pockets. NO POCKETS ALLOWED
  • FLAGS – ALL players are required to supply their own flags. They must meet SFFL regulation length, type and style. While there are many different types available, we strongly recommend Flag-A-Tag, Sonic Boom Series Flags. Flags MUST be a different colour than your shorts/pants.


  • Gloves – These are not required to play but, a large number of players do wear them.
  • Head protection – Not required but always recommended. Soft shell flag helmets are acceptable.
  • Hand warmers
  • Mouth guard


HATS – If you choose to wear a baseball hat while playing, it must be turned backwards during play. This is to eliminate any potential contact from the brim to another player while in close proximity.

TOWELS – Some players wish to have a towel tucked into their shorts/pants. QB’s, Centres and some receivers. If you keep your towel tucked in but is visible and can be pulled by an opposing player, this WILL count as a pulled flag. * ANYTHING THAT IS ATTACHED TO THE WAIST OF ANY PLAYER IS CONSIDERED TO BE A FLAG *

HOODIES – Hoods must be tucked in or worn. NO pockets allowed.

SUNGLASSES – We do allow sunglasses however, YOU are wearing them at your own risk. Surrey Flag Football is not liable for any damages to your sunglasses or personal injury from your sunglasses.