Fall Season Start Up

1. All teams must supply their own flags this year. We are unable to sanitize our flags between games when players usually are pulling them off the players of the previous game. So to make sure we can keep it all clean we ask that your team provide your own flags. On the first week we will be selling off our used flags for $2 each until we run out of them. Please sanitize the flags before you play with them.

2. We are continuously monitoring the COVID rules that are put in place that we are expected to follow. Currently there is no rules restricting outdoor play. However, we will be following all guidelines for play and will be doing everything in our power in order for us to get our entire season in. If the provincial and municipal rules change in a way that excludes people because of their vaccine status, we will have to abide by those rules. We are unable to offer a refund if a player is excluded by no fault of Surrey Flag.  

Everyone on the field will have different comfort levels in regards to covid, we ask that you respect others decisions to wear or not wear a mask at any given point. We will not tolerate harassment towards anyone from either side of the conversation.

3. In past years we have let teams pick up players outside of the league during playoffs if their team will be in a forfeit situation. This year we will be unable to accommodate extra players during playoffs so please plan ahead.

We wish you all good luck in this upcoming season. We are looking forward to finally seeing our community again.