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Fall 2021 player waiver form

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We require all players to sign the waiver before they can participate in any SFFL authorized activity. This includes but is not limited to regular game play, league nights, tournaments, skill clinics and playoffs.


ALL players, New AND Returning, are required to complete this waiver form at the beginning of each season.

SFFL respects your privacy and we will not share your personal information with third parties.

Please read and familiarize yourself with the Rules and Guidelines/Player Code of Conduct prior to completing this form. 

Click HERE for Rules and Guidelines/Player Code of Conduct

Liability Waiver and Consent

I understand that by electronically signing this form, I accept all risk for this activity. I understand that following league rules is mandatory for personal safety.

COVID-19 Addendum - I understand and agree that I must not attend ANY games/events if I exhibit any symptoms related to COVID19 including, but not limited too: Fever/cough/sore throat/body aches/chills. I agree and understand that following all social guidelines set by Surrey Flag Football League are there for everyone's safety. I agree and understand that I will avoid all physical contact when possible and will socially distance when able to do so. I agree and understand that failure to follow these guidelines and rules will result in my removal from Surrey Flag Football League at the discretion of league owners. 

I, the undersigned, assume all risk of personal injury or damage that may result from my participation and deem myself to be in good physical health. I hereby waive any claims to which I may become entitled to injury or damages and release the City of Surrey, Surrey Flag Football League (WRFFA) and its employees of any liability for injury or damage which I may sustain while participating. I agree to act in a responsible manner, and to reimburse the City of Surrey or Surrey Flag Football League (WRFFA) for the cost of any property or equipment damage that I am held responsible for. I understand that Surrey Flag Football League (WRFFA) is not responsible for my personal items.
I understand that I must abide by the association’s rules and regulations. I understand that there will be absolutely no tolerance for fighting, dirty play, or unsportsmanlike conduct; alcohol and drug use is also not permitted and could result in a personal or team ban or monetary fine.