About Rally Rai

Born in Prince George, Rally “Ral” Rai’s love for sports was evident at an early age. Affectionately referred to as “Ral Dwag” by loved ones, he was a person to whom friends and family could turn to for genuine acceptance without a hint of judgement. Those who grew up with him could always count on a big bear hug as a greeting instead of a handshake. Loving, kind, loyal, determined and genuine are just a few words that come to mind when speaking about Ral. Known for his contagious laugh and unique sense of humor, the stories and memories laced with Ral’s uncontrollable chuckle are abundant and unforgettable.

Though widely known throughout the Lower Mainland for his talents on the football field he spent his early years playing hockey. As his physical stature grew, he naturally gravitated towards football and basketball. Ral excelled in all three sports but was regarded as one of the purest football players by many of those with whom he played. He was an integral part of three BC Football Championship, one with the Richmond Roughriders and two with the Richmond High Colts. His success did not stop there as he went on to help one of the best defensive squads with the South Fraser Rams. Ral then went on to win the Tri-County Bank Holiday Bowl with Butte Junior college in California.    

American Universities had shown interest on Ral’s football abilities and the future looked promising had it not been for a back injury which forced him to walk away from the game he loved. He was greatly respected for his exceptional ability to play the game and his unrelenting will to chase his dreams.

Rally always wanted more support for students, athletes, and the creation of this bursary is a means of achieving his dream. The fund has, and will be awarded annually to balanced student athletes to assist them in juggling work, school and athletics. Ral experienced the importance of athletics firsthand and knew the value in terms of a students, development as a person.

We proudly represent Rally on the field and sidelines each year and with your support, we will not only keep his dream alive but aid in the development of student athletes. We thank you in advance for your support in making this tournament happen.