Happy Friday everyone!

We wanted to keep everyone up-to-date as to where we are in this process and what the next steps are, or could be. We have been in constant contact with the city of Surrey and we are up to date on all the information that’s been provided to us through ViaSport and the Provincial Health Organization.

Our formal “return-to-sport plan” was submitted to the city and we are currently awaiting approval. Unfortunately, until this is approved and until certain restrictions are lifted, we can not begin to open registration. We understand that some things being said in the media can be confusing with regards to what is allowed, what is opening and what is to remain closed. So, to clarify, here is what has been said by the city of Surrey in regards to returning to game play:

Good morning everyone,

Earlier this month after the release of the Return to Sport Guidelines from viaSport, we were are all excited to see opportunities for sport activities to resume safely and cautiously.  It was a new process for everyone, and we want to thank all of you for the work you’ve put into your Return to Sport plans, your communications within your sport communities and your adapted programs. This continues to be a graduated process to ensure the continued safe return of sports across our community and Province, and we’re looking forward to continually moving ahead with sport opportunities.

At this time, the City is able to move forward with the revised permit process for modified games to resume on fields starting July 4th.

Modified games will require physical distancing (2m) between all players, and no close-contact and/or contact activities can occur.  Please review the attached checklist to confirm your planned activities meet the current requirements as outlined by viaSport and the Provincial Safety Officer. 

Prior to confirming any permit, copies/confirmation of the documents below are required by the City:

  • A completed Return to Sport checklist for modified games, confirming your understanding and adherence to the City’s requirements during this phase
  • A completed ‘Return to Sport’ plan that meet all ViaSport’s guidelines and is approved by your PSO (a copy should also be posted publicly on your website)
  • A signed copy of the new Covid-19 Addendum confirming awareness and considerations related to Covid-19

Please ensure that any plans submitted meet the requirements as laid out by viaSport and by your PSO, and that all activities meet the City’s criteria. At this time, only activities that meet the checklist criteria attached can be considered for permits.

REMINDER TO ALL SPORT GROUPS: permits issued prior to Covid-19 are not valid until we receive and review the required documents (above) from your group.  Once received and confirmed, permits will be validated in writing, and a numbered certificate will be issued for display while active on the fields/courts.

Thank you,

Outdoor Community Sports & Facilities

Park Facility Operations

So, with that all being said, we are in a holding pattern until the 2m rules are lifted and/or we are given the green light by the city of Surrey.

We hope you all are doing well and are finding ways to keep active and stay healthy throughout this. We will be back, we are ready and waiting.